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Exile's sketches...


Thanks for dropping in. I've done a lot of touring, in the last ten years. And drinking, and writing, and shouting, and even some listening and thinking, too. I've recorded in Abbey Road and played festivals in the US, UK and the Continent - then spent a few more years trying to forget about the whole thing. But songs have a habit of creeping back to whisper in your ears when you least expect...

This is a new site to house all of my music since 2003 - and the new releases to come. We're still finding corners to stash all the junk! And you've got to bang the side of the set now and again. But I hope you'll stick around. If you enjoy some of it then you know what? Let me know, perhaps you could invite me to do a show in your town, or sling me a rum, or maybe put a little of that change in the jar.

Either way, I'll be here, trying to keep my guitar in tune and warming my hands in between songs. So take it easy,

Joe x x x


Releases, live bootlegs and demos


'1,313: A Sotones Sampler' - Artwork by Billy Mather Illustration

1,313: A Sotones Sampler
(As: Lonely Joe Parker / Ann The Arc)
Label: Sotones (STCD037)
Date: 4th November 2010
Formats: CD | MP3 | Spotify
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Lonely Joe Parker feat. The Moulettes: 'Shanty' (single)

Shanty (single)
(As: Lonely Joe Parker feat. The Moulettes)
Label: Sotones (STCD027)
Date: 8th March 2010
Formats: CD | MP3 | Spotify
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Jackie Paper & Lonely Joe Parker - 'What's Wrong With Broken Glass' 12" EP

What's Wrong With Broken Glass 12"
(As: Jackie Paper & Lonely Joe Parker)
Label: Sotones (STEP017)
Date: 28th July 2009
Formats: 12" | MP3 | Spotify
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'Bee Stings EP' - Cover

Bee Stings EP
(As: Joe Parker And The Power)
Label: Sotones (STCD009)
Date: 22nd September 2008
Formats: CD | MP3
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Lonely Joe Parker: 'Exile's Sketches'

Exile's Sketches
(As: Lonely Joe Parker / Joe Parker And The Power / Slim Pickens)
Label: (self-release)
Date: 1st May 2008
Formats: CD
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'Vol.11' Cover

Vol.11: A Sotones Sampler
(As: Joe Parker And The Power)
Label: Sotones (STCD001)
Date: 1st August 2007
Formats: CD | MP3 | Spotify
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'Ten Friends' demo

Ten Friends LP
(As: Joe Parker)
Label: (self-release)
Date: 1st September 2006
Formats: CD
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Pictures and videos



See booking. joe@lonelyjoeparker.com

Press contact

Press press@sotones.co.uk

Label enquiries etc including distribution & licensing

Sotones Music Ltd.
180 Registered address Southampton info@sotones.co.uk


T: @lonelyjoeparker
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Past and future live shows, and booking information


Previous live highlights

Gigs and tours

Gigs including venues such as Windmill (London), Arlene's (NYC), Joiners (Southampton), Railway Inn (Winchester), Islington (London), Port Mahon (Oxford), Firehouse (Bournemouth), Basement (Manchester), Oakford Social (Reading), Platform (Guildford), Prince Albert (Brighton), Talking Heads (Southampton), Constitution (London), Hope & Anchor (London), Dublin Castle (London)
Tours including:
  • Skandinavia and Germany 2012
  • UK Summer 2011
  • Germany 2010
  • UK Summer 2010
  • UK Bike Tour 2009
  • UK Bike Tour 2008
  • US East Coast 2008
  • UK Summer 'Bee Stings' Tour 2007


  • West Midlands Vegan Festival, 2012, 2013, 2015 (UK)
  • Conwy Festival, 2013 (UK)
  • Brog Og Ballade, 2012 (Nor)
  • Malcfest 2011, 2012 (UK)
  • Access Festival 2007 (UK)

Booking information

I consider all gig bookings, even living room shows! Just email me.
Please include where the gig is, venue capacity and expected audience, set duration, and whether you'd prefer a solo acoustic or full band set.

For professional promoters

You know who you are... I make every effort to promote shows including timely listings and promotion on Songkick, Last.FM, email and social media but I no longer accept pay-to-play offers (what some of us know as the 'Bugbear Promotions Model'). Also please bear in mind that all professionally-promoted band shows must include covered travel costs (vary with mileage from SE London), and ideally rehearsal costs (typically £25-50) at a minimum.
Tech specs, reviews, and other details available.


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Toungues will loll...

Press for 'What's Wrong with Broken Glass?'

“worth buying a turntable just to hear this.”
The Fly
“intriguing melodies… highly alluring.”
Q Magazine.com
“Stream of conscious lyrics.. like a late night busker serenading the drunks… Get it for the indie kid in your life.”
Clash Music
“a strange, yet fantastic collaboration”
The 405


I ramble sometimes...


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You can exchange cash for music.

Records on sale now

These records are currently on sale through Sotones Greedbag, subject to stock.
Some copies of previous and current releases have also been stocked in Rough Trade London (East and West stores) and Oxfam Music stores in Southampton and Oxford. You might get lucky and find copies there...
Jackie Paper & Lonely Joe Parker - 'What's Wrong With Broken Glass' 12" EP

What's Wrong With Broken Glass 12"
(As: Jackie Paper & Lonely Joe Parker)
Label: Sotones (STEP017)
Date: 28th July 2009
Formats: 12" | MP3 | Spotify
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Lonely Joe's Losers

Forget buying a measly record, join the Losers! Lonely Joe's Losers are friends, family and fans who pledge to support me and the band to make more music with regular monthly donations of £1 ($2/€2) or more.
You see, making music carries a lot of upfront costs: to play gigs and record music lots of stuff (booking rehearsals/studios, replacing equipment, hiring vans) has to be paid upfront. But royalties take a loooong time to filter through to recoup it all.
Become a Supporter and you'll help us make more music, play more gigs, and record more records and videos, plus:
  • One free house show a year
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  • One pair of tickets per month to one of my live gigs, or another Sotones event

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A bit about me.

'Lonely' Joe Parker..?

‘Punk rock troubadours’ are two-a-penny these days, but over the last decade, from founding a record label, running a radio station and busking across the US and Europe, Lonely Joe Parker might just have enough brownie points to justify it. Strange then, that the Clash-inspired songsmith’s luscious debut LP should end up pitched somewhere between Pavement, PJ Harvey and Mystery Jets. It’s a sweet spot.

Following the critical success of 2009’s What’s Wrong With Broken Glass Joe spent 2010 “Thinking about things. Hard.” For once, the explosive singer is understating things. In fact he oversaw a bumper year of acclaimed releases for Sotones Records (over 15, including his own Shanty release); somehow also fitting in time as hired-gun mercenary AIDS researcher.

I heard you do science too?

Yeah, a bit of that. See my real-time phylogenomics pages.